The San Antonio Bay Foundation was created in July 2008 by the Guadalupe-Blanco River Authority to serve as a vehicle for the protection and preservation of the bay and estuary system at the end of the Guadalupe River basin.

Our Mission

The mission of the San Antonio Bay Foundation is to foster and steward the natural resources of the San Antonio Bay estuarine system for optimal benefit of marine life, coastal wildlife and the people who use it for recreation and their livelihoods.

Our Vision

Our vision is to champion a healthy and prosperous San Antonio Bay system that will provide a quality environment for marine life, coastal wildlife and for the recreational and commercial endeavors of area residents and visitors.

Our Goals

To accomplish our mission and further our vision, the San Antonio Bay Foundation has identified five goals:

  • To provide leadership in the conservation and stewardship of San Antonio Bay
  • To promote the preservation of San Antonio Bay through cooperative community partnerships
  • To support the health of San Antonio Bay by developing projects which sustain the environmental quality of the waters
  • To develop a knowledgeable constituency through supportable science-based educational programs
  • To support research efforts of the San Antonio Bay System by institutions of higher learning
  • To encourage the recreational use of the bay and coastal environs.

Our Geographic Area

The primary geographic area of work for the San Antonio Bay Foundation encompasses Calhoun, Refugio, Victoria and Aransas Counties.

Our Motto

"Life's Better on the Bay"